Hiatus Announcement

September 29, 2016 @ 5:19 pm

All great journeys have their obstacles, detours or delays. For Avatar: The Last Airbender it was a literal hole in the ground known as "The Great Divide." For The Legend of Korra, let's be honest, it was an entire character named Unalaq. And for The Avatar Returns it's that old hobgoblin known as the real world. Circumstances outside of our control have left us with no choice but to take a temporary break in our recording schedule. This one will be a bit longer than our previous little hiccups, as we won't be returning till mid-January 2017 (!!!), but I want to emphasize the words 'temporary' and 'returning' because we will most definitely be back. You have our word, once we clear these spirit vines out of the way and kick this so-called real world's butt into submission, The Avatar Returns will return!

We apologize for the timing and hope that all our fans will stick with us through these dark, podcastless days. Trust us, we're pumped to get back into production in the new year. The best of The Legend of Korra is still to come.

(The Avatar Returns is scheduled to resume with Episode 37 - In Harm's Way / The Metal Clan / Old Wounds on or around January 18, 2017.)
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The Avatar Returns
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