Episode 14 - The Awakening / The Headband

February 21, 2016 @ 7:08 pm

There seems to have been some confusion among the ranks of hosts this week. To clarify, we are only discussion two chapters this time around, not three. Okay, Eric? Only two. But thanks for the enthusiasm, son. The two (not three, two) chapters we discuss this week are 301, "The Awakening," which picks up a few weeks after the tragic events in the Book Two finale, with Aang and Co. traveling on a stolen Fire Navy ship and the entire world believing the Avatar is dead (isn't that great?!), and 302, "The Headband," or as we like to call it, "Footloose in the Fire Nation." The boys chat about Aang's hair, Papa Sokka and Mama Katara, Dance Dance Revolution, and Sideways Eye Guy.

Also, phone lines are open for listeners to weigh in on how Paul should live his life going forward. Vote early and often! [Ed. Note: there are no phone lines, just the e-mail.]
Next: okay Eric, NOW we're gonna talk about three chapters. 303-305, "The Painted Lady," "Sokka's Master," and "The Beach."

The Breakdown

  • Intro / Banter (00:00 - 09:00)
  • Main Topic (09:00 - 1:04:20)
  • Outro / Next (1:04:20 - 1:06:42)
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