Episode 12 - Appa’s Lost Days / Lake Laogai / The Earth King

February 5, 2016 @ 1:40 am

Yeah, let's break some rules! We radically shift the format of the show this week [Editor's note: no, we actually don't at all] as we reach the penultimate episode of our Book Two podcasts with chapters 216-218, "Appa's Lost Days," "Lake Laogai," and "The Earth King." Paul defends Dai Li dickbaggery, AJ identifies with Azula in a really uncomfortable way, and Eric finally likes a Jet storyline. And in a new regular feature [Ed. note: again, not really], the boys pitch spinoff show ideas; AJ imagines the Avatar/Bone crossover, Suki and the Veni-Yan, while Paul reveals his plans for The Young Sweepy Chronicles. 

Next: we close the book on the Earth Kingdom with chapters 219, "The Guru," and 220, "The Crossroads of Destiny."

The Breakdown

  • Intro / Banter (00:00 - 04:53)
  • Main Topic (04:53 - 1:07:42)
  • Outro / Next (1:07:42 - 1:09:30)
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